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Enemy Problems

Enemy Problems

With increasing competition, probability of rise in your enemies is quite high. You can always experience feelings of jealousy and insecurity around you. Pandith Jai Durga in London,UK helps you to destroy your enemy by using astrology science. Solve Enemy Problem by Astrology is that success breeds enemies in life if success in professional life, business life or personal life. Pandit ji gives an effective solutions to get rid of enemy problem via astrology.

The famous astrologer Pandith Jai Durga in London,UK is a highly experienced astrologer, he has lot of knowledge of all pujas and methods to defeat your enemies. But strong action must be taken against such enemies who want to hurt us.

Types for Enemy Problems

Here are some of the types of enemy problems which you might face in your life:

  • Property related issues
  • Love problems
  • Jealousy issues
  • Business rivalry
  • Misunderstanding issues
  • Facing health problem

These are some of the reasons because of which you might end up having enemies and in most of these situations you really cannot do anything .So we can't ignore the hidden enemies around us who are regularly trying to pull us down. That's why we need solutions to get ourselves protected from hidden enemies.

Signs of Having Enemy Problems
  • Hair in food
  • Constant pain in head
  • Unwanted fear
  • Undesirable smell
  • Uncomfortable or disturbed sleep because of nightmares
  • Constantly having a feeling that someone is there with you all the time
  • Sudden loss in business
  • Constant pain in head
  • Sudden death in family
  • No desire to work
  • Sudden loss in health
  • Chronic health issues in family
  • Astrological Remedies for Enemy Problems

    From the ancient times Tantra and Mantra are used to solve enemy problems. There are rituals which are mentioned in our old shastras that are good enough to get rid of enemy problems. Baglamukhi pooja, Kali pooja, Kalbhairav pooja, Dasamahavidya Pooja and Sudarshan Mantra are some of the tactics that can be used to get victory over the enemy. Some remedies are

    • Hanuman Chola
    • Burn Cloves
    • Installing Siddha Yantra
    • Siddha Mahakali Yantra
    • Vedic Astrology provides very easy solutions to overcome from enemies problem.There are totkays to getrid off from the enemies problem.There are many anusthaans which when done may protect you from the evil effects done by enemies. There are power Tabiz or amulet which protect a person from black magic, evil eye effects etc.There are some special stones which are very useful to overcome from the enemies attack.

      But these should be used under the guidance of highly experienced astrologist such as Pandith Jai Durga in London, UK who has a mastery of all Pujas and methods to defeat your enemies so that nobody can harm you.

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